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The Secret to Gift Giving

22 May 2017

The Secret to Gift Giving

Gift giving is great. Someone you care about gets something nice and you become happier and could even live longer. It’s a win win situation.


Or it would be, if not for that one person. We all know them, maybe it’s a family member or a friend that is completely impossible to buy gifts for. “Oh I don’t really need anything” or “I’ll like anything you get me!” can be frequently heard from these infuriating types. All they’re giving you is stress.


But fear not! We at Mistik Spa think we’ve got the solution. Yes, it is our products, but we promise they’re really good. In this great article, economist Dan Ariely talks about the two characteristics any great gift should have. We encourage you to read the whole thing, but in case you just wanted a summary, Dan mentions the ‘pain of paying’ – i.e. you should give a gift to someone that you would really want but feel guilty about buying for yourself. Secondly, you should give a gift that reminds the person of your love for them.


We think Mistik Spa products come under both of these ideas. We don’t really take the time out to relax or recharge from our busy lives, but we constantly tell the people we care about to do so. Why not go the extra mile and give them the tools to do so? Allow them to experience a therapeutic spa treatment from the comfort of their own home? From our massaging and moisturising oil candles to our new face and body oils, to something more simple like our mitts and loofahs. They all say ‘I care about you enough to want you to care for yourself’.


Also, while you’re at it, why not get something for yourself to deal with all the stress of gift giving?

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