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Mistik Spa produces Natural Skincare and Beauty products for the health conscious, environmentally aware customer.

We have a range of therapeutic massaging and moisturising oil candles, made from natural ingredients and each with their own unique health benefits, and our own range of body care products. We also import and distribute natural gift sets.

Our Philosophy on People

When conducting our research into the cosmetics industry, we were shocked at the amount of harsh chemicals that are currently used, in particular with candles. Some candles still contain lead wicks that emit dangerous amounts of lead fumes to be inhaled by you and your children. Paraffin wax which needs to be processed with 100% strength bleach, creating dangerous dioxins and containing volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and vinyl chlorine, correlative to serious health problems. Even sulphates, which most people will have no problem with, but can cause irritation, particularly for people with sensitive skin. At Mistik Spa we understand the frustration that people with sensitive skin have when buying skincare products, so we go that extra mile to make sure our products can be used with no fear.

This philosophy extends beyond our candles however. Mistik Spa body care products use natural fibers such as bamboo, cotton, loofah and sisal which are great for cleansing and revitalising even the most sensitive of skin. Our bamboo towels are up to 4 times longer lasting that other towels. We also produce pure olive oil soap which is a completely natural product, rich in herbal oils with an abundance of Vitamins E, D and K.

Our philosophy on Environment

Likewise, our commitment to our customers extends beyond simply their own minds and bodies, to the environment in which we all must live. Let’s start with the candles that we burn in our homes. The black soot from paraffin candles gives of the same kind of soot as from the exhaust of a diesel engine. These kinds of candles also contain silicone, which does recycle but only a special facilities as it doesn’t decompose. Most likely, these candles will end up at a landfill and never decompose.

Mistik Spa body care products are naturally long lasting, as they only need to air-dry after use. The fibers that we use, such as native spun, 100% organic natural cotton or bamboo which is cultivated without pesticides, herbicides or other agri-chemicals and are biodegradable in soil, causing no pollution to the environment. Our towels also use bamboo fiber, considered to be the natural, renewable and eco-friendly textile of the 21st century. All of our natural triple milled soaps are produced in Turkey and are free from alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones and sulphates.

What goes into our candles?

What goes into our candles?

Each candle is sourced from certified natural, vegan ingredients and GMO free with an eco wick to minimise soot and smoke.

They are also free from chemicals, paraffin, chemical and petroleum waxes with essential oils suitable for both use on skin and congestion.

Essential Oils

Each of our candles has a unique set of essential oils with untold health benefits. From anti-aging to easing stress, Mistik Spa candles are perfect for both the mind and body.

Soy oil

Our Mistik Spa massaging and moisturising candles burn for both cleaner and longer than regular candles, and the reason for that is simple: soy oil.

Almond oil

Almond oil is a rich and extremely penetrating oil, high in vitamins A, D & E to help heal sun damage and reinvigorate the body and mind.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is high in anti-oxidants, it hydrates the skin deeply and best of all isn’t harsh towards sensitive skin – in fact it has been known to ease skin irritations such as eczema.

Lead Free Cotton Wick

We also use a lead free, natural cotton wick as it means that no toxic fumes are emitted into the atmosphere, or even inhaled by our customers.